What do your moles speak?

Many a times we get confused and need proper guidance to move ahead in life , our karmas instill not only happenings but also culture , mode of life and family we are born into .

According to best Indian astrologers many Spiritualists and wanderers suggests that position of the moles in the body makes and breaks the characteristics of a human being. Indian astrologers suggest that Moles speaks a lot about the person and each mole that captures our eyes has a hidden meaning apart from the superstitious belief.

What do your moles speak

What do your moles speak?

Today let us try and know a bit more about the mysterious Moles, an insight from the best Indian astrologers:

Let’s start with the Forehead- what happens if a mole is present in the forehead? This suggests that he is very focused, ambitious and active in all his endeavors. But if the mole is located on the left side of the forehead, the individual is considered very self-centred and unlucky.

If one has a mole in the Eyebrows, it signifies that the person is a born leader and will always be supplemented with wealth and fame, if you notice a mole on the right side of your eyebrow be sure to have a perfect marriage and a blissful healthy marriage; if with perfect kids, but if the mole is on the left side you will be known a s a coward and will have addiction to unhealthy habits.

Moles outside the corner of the right eye are a great thing. The person is considered to be superbly honest, trustworthy.

Mole on the tip of your nose suggests that the person is a great thinker and has a short temper and if the mole is present on the left side of the nose, it represents struggle.

Mole on either side of the Cheek represents courage and fitness. If the individual has a mole on the right cheek signifies the person as very caring and full of life, but a mole on the left side of the cheek means the person is very arrogant and self-cantered.

When you sight a mole on the ear that shows the person is well settled and should always stay away from water, since there is a fear that they might get drowned.

If a mole is present near the lip, the individual should watch his weight and diet as this might lead to complications.

Moles are basically a belief, whether their position in the body has any significance or not is not known, however there are many more interesting facts about moles which we will discuss in the next article.



Astrological View to improve Financial Condition

Financial Conditions are a very crucial component these days- the challenges are everywhere and we are left clueless most of the time as to how much earning is enough? Life teaches us a new lesson and the lesson for this day is to understand the importance of financial conditions, no matter what we do, even a middle school student wants to be financially strong.

In order to be financially strong, some of the Best astrologers of India have shared their viewpoints as to how one can be stable and inculcate the values into others.

Each and everyone want to be financially free and strong; we make every effort since this is the most important equipment / tool that give us the sense of security. But the major question is how to make our life financially secure? What can be the simple methods to attain, so we can fulfill our responsibilities ardently? Best Astrologers suggests that possibly the position of the stars and planets is somehow responsible in making a weak and strong horoscope.

improve Financial Condition

The “graying” in residential and commercial place malefic the positive effect of planets in the Income section, destiny place and profit place to ensure. There are other doshas which are found in the Veda such as the Kuldevi dosha, preat dosha, which effects the financial position and capacity.

Our astrologers have done many personal researches and have realized if a person sometime gets less hypnotic power in their personality, they fail to make an attention impact and ultimately they fail to secure a job and sink more in the Financial crunch time.

If your astrologer predicts a dosha due to the planetary positions , in that case you can undergo the Grih Shanti puja (ritual) , you can regain shanti and peace in your life.

Incase the astrologer suggest that you have weak planets, you are advised to wear a Sidhi protection, this will help you get rid of the Financial problem.

One simple method is to take advise from one of the best Indian astrologer and start chanting mantra which is a good way to wade off obstacles, hence you all are advised to do such stuffs under the supervision and guidance of a learned Guru.

Is it possible that “Karz maffi mediataion” helps getting rewarding results, when the person has a belief in him , he doesnot have to look back at all.

Money is essential, everybody works hard and puts in their best effort , however sometime the platform is so weak , one cannot control and gets carried away.

Here are some incepts mentioned below which will help us understand the ways to limit and save.


Successful Career Tips According to Date of Birth

Astrology is the key mantra to all solutions of humanity. We are blessed to have career prediction astrology which helps us find the righteous way and true remedy to all our problems. The date of birth plays a significant role. The career prediction are specific and helps us to choose profession as per our planetary suitability. It thus increases the chances of success ratio and brings us the joy we crave for.

Here is a short glimpse on how date of birth is related to successful career.

Each and every number has significance, those who are born on 1st are born leaders and love to take risks and lead- they are great as COO, CEO’s of a company. People born on 2nd are creative and become good diplomats, actor and flourishes in fashion and fine arts sectors.

Those born on 3rd, 12th or 21st of the month are very strong willed and good it finances, they are extremely successful in banking and finance related sectors.

Those who are born on 4 are considered very unique and different. They take risks and love arts and acting. If you are born in 5th, 14th and 23rd, you must try media, communication since you possess inborn talent of great communications. Technology and sports might be the field for you too.

If you are born on the 6h, 15th or 24th, your starts are ruled by Venus, Hospitality and entertainment sector is what you should opt for optimum success. If you are ones born on 7th 25th and 16th you must opt for the Research field, you are bound to attain success.

Those born on 8th, 17th and 26th are ruled by planet Saturn – they seem to struggle a lot till mid 30’s and flourishes in politics and, Real estate and Finance. Those born on 9th, 18th and 27th are great in the sports arena; some of the greatest sportsmen are ruled by Mars. You may even opt for Defence and Real estate –it works in your favour.

People born on the 13th or 14th day of the month are said to be strugglers as nothing comes easy to them – but with the help of astrology remedies they might find ways to resolve their career glitches and move ahead in the right direction.

Life is how we treat it, it gives us challenges and hurdles and with determination and positive attitude we can achieve what we aim for. Career prediction astrology has open up numerous doors for us to avail the right path. We sometime do tend to get lost, but with the expert advices from the best astrologers regarding our career predictions, we can achieve our set goals.


Love Compatibility by Names

Love MatchLove match between two persons is indicated by the affinity and compatibility that they hold for each other. Using astrology love compatibility can be ascertained for a love match fairly quickly and easily.

Love compatibility is considered best if found through birth chart analysis. Sometimes there is need to figure out the horoscope love match using name only. Another option to check love compatibility is from sun sign. As a native would have numerous love matches, they also have different aspects to consider in astrology like sun sign, moon sign and moon sign of name. The right sign to match love compatibility might be Moon sign generally with the current name and has a great impact on chemistry between two natives.

Such a name compatibility generator is a calculator which can rate the compatibility or love match for two natives according to astrology. This is a free tool available online. Other natives love compatibility can be checked using this tool. The fortune teller or name compatibility checker shows Moon sign of native and his/her life partner. Checking compatibility according to lord of signs it shows exchange score with predictions. From this love compatibility tool the compatibility is checked using name and result is actually for the native name only. This tool shows planet compatibility with score in percentage based on Bhakut, Priti or Shatru yoga, planet compatibility as well as sun sign compatibility.

 These calculations indicate soul urge number which means adding the vowels from first and last names and reducing to number between one and nine. The numerology of names states that last name and first name can be transcribed as numbers. Every letter of the alphabet is thus matched with a number between one and nine. Also numerological compatibility of physical attraction measures potential to get physically attracted to one another. This needs the personal number calculations.

Calculating the personal number consists in adding the numerical value of the consonants of the first and last names and translating it into a number between 1 and 9. Calculating the expression number consists in adding the numerical values of vowels and consonants from the first and last names, then reducing it into a number between 1 and 9. Then native has to add the two previous measures to get to right love match calculations for customer.

Beginning with love match there is blessing for what one has and natives try to find love with simple words though some succeed. A most significant ingredient in love matches are compatibility issues. Without the need to delve deeper one can easily use their names to understand the love compatibility between two natives. This is not about technique though the required way is to select names and then find compatibility between two natives. Compatibility calculated is right and accurate without any doubts. This enables to take further important decisions which depend on love match between the two

Interesting facts about Indian Astrology

Indian astrology is full of fun facts and secrets for native. The astrology insight gained from reading reports and other material from Indian astrology is more vivid, accurate and easier to interpret. Indian astrology is divided into three subparts Siddhanta, Samhita and lastly Hora. Samhita is about mundane astrology, floods, earthquake, weather and conditions of rainfall, volcanic eruptions etc. Siddhanta is about astronomical study. While Hora deals with forecasting the suitable timing for important events. These studies in Indian astrology had been completed in ancient times and passed on in form of scriptures to sages and saints. From the saints it passed into hands of natives and followers.

Indian Astrology

The astrological textbook “Brhat – parasara – hora –sastra” to be a revelation by the Vedic seer Parasara. The oldest part of this work was written only about 1400 years ago and only came to be known in 1980s.  These sacred texts were ascertained to be written before 200-600CE from calculations. According to Vedic astrology the fun facts can be read for knowing the science better.

Indian astrology takes into account place, time and date of birth of native while making the chart or horoscope for which movement of planets is considered most important. This decides the phases in native’s life such as marriage, death, career, happiness etc. Since Indian astrology ascertains particular detail and keeps account in star positioning, results from astrology are accurate and one’s life revolves on correct predictions made on native. Astrology in India refers to science and study of stars, planetary movements and also affecting life of humans and organisms on planet earth. In making horoscope or developing chart of native, some planetary movements are not favorable thereby making him or her to perform yagnas, hawans, donations and charities. Many of these activities in astrology from India are time tested remedies and solutions from which many natives have benefitted.

Indian astrology follows one basic principle of all things in universe being linked to one another. Fortune of native is linked to cosmic design and gets influenced from it. Indian astrology believes that life of a native is incarnation of soul and reflects greater whole inside body of which they are a part.  In ancient Indian astrology there are 21 different charts for same natal chart which provides a distinctive touch. There is abundant use of multifarious zodiac signs, dasha systems and accurate predictions for entire world. Lord Ganesha is said to be first astrologer in whole universe. Aryabhatya and Varahamihira were also two renowned astrologers in ancient India.

The history of zodiac and its origins are nowhere found in ancient texts and although Vedic Indian astrology divides year into 12 months with celestial observations, the signs are unknown to Vedic texts from western astrology. Only in first centuries CE that the mathematical zodiac of 12 equal signs is attested in Indian astrology. However these constellations aren’t known. Zodiac signs were not developed in India, but were only taken over and projected onto the existing system of 12 months and 27 lunar mansions.

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Gemini and Leo love Compatibility

Gemini compatibilityLeo and Gemini compatibility is based on entertainment and good humor. This is a very good natured relation where both partners are upbeat and optimistic. There is a playful vibe which surrounds the two partners.

With a genuine warmth Leo and Gemini share a common taste for dramatic and with entertaining jest. Being social creatures they find it easier to excel with social relations exploited to benefit. Leo and Gemini compatibility indicates both partners would share similar ambitions. The relationship shows high Leo compatibility with Gemini. Leo being the mythological royal expects more to be adored. Fortunately, Gemini is communicator and good with flattery making them a special combination. Leo reciprocates and with Gemini’s wit and energy it is perfect audience for Gemini. Leo and Gemini compatibility would run into problems in bedroom while Leo has ardent passion which is rebuffed from Gemini who is busy with their interests.

As this is a fire/air combination however the signs would indicate low mix. Although it would look like Leo is dominant it is actually the Gemini who is pulling the strings. Gemini the communicator is able to draw quarrel easily with careless or deliberate comments. Leo and Gemini could not tolerate this and even though Gemini is winner the Leo compatibility draws bad flavor. Gemini is flirtatious and is capable of being faithful in love. This could devastate Leo compatibility. Leo compatibility could be back if they remember how Gemini as a wonderful jester is capable of laughs. Leo and Gemini compatibility would need to do more to sustain itself over long term. Leo would need to take active role in partnership and be less of spectator.

While getting the relation to work smoothly the Leo compatibility could take organizing and spoiling with luxury every now and then. Leo compatibility would be getting disappointed sooner or later. Though characterized with laughter and childish delight, Gemini compatibility could take them to higher and better things. This love match would be much like in each other’s companionship. Conversations between the Leo and Gemini would be interesting. This is not the end when the varied interests of Gemini compatibility could be reversed and would ignite jealousy from Leo. Leo compatibility is capable of forming longer bonds than Gemini. This could be a reason for Gemini compatibility traits of being on the move. Leo has fragile ego which easily would get hurt from Gemini sharp tongue. While Leo is fixed sign and Gemini a mutable sign, Leo compatibility does not hurt from stubborn and resolute. Being a leader and somewhat rigid the Leo could change ideas or direction. While Leo is making up their mind they would also see something till end. Gemini compatibility is flexible. While Gemini compatibility is bored and has no problem with Leo taking lead to certain extent, Gemini would also want to be leader of their own thoughts.

Marriage Matching by Date of Birth

Marriages are the main social custom and relationship for man and woman which hold them in bliss together. They are made in heaven. Matching two people for marriage compatibility from Indian astrology is process of matching horoscopes before deciding on feasibility of marriage for couple. If feasibility for marriage is suitable, then it is successful. This is ascertained from date of birth predictions made from Indian astrology.

marriage compatibility

 Natives of certain zodiac signs are having larger affinity for natives of certain signs and some do not go well with others in relationships. This is due to contradictions of personality and traits which hinder marriage compatibility.  In Indian astrology there are numerous tools and instruments for checking marriage compatibility like the 36-Guna Milan, Nadi Dosha, Gana Dosha & Bhakut Dosha. Also marriage compatibility is made from both male & female views on married life, family life, childbirth, temperament, nature and behavior etc.

 Horoscope matching from Indian astrology uses date of birth and can be obtained online. Astrologer makes predictions based on results from matching both the couples’s horoscope for ascertaining the planetary influence and strength of significations. Once the horoscope is made from date of birth, the next steps to follow are to know the ascendant planet, the power of Moon, planetary malefic and benefic effects and age of native. Many other tools can be used for knowing the Dosha or malefic effect on native as well as position of Sun and ascendant planet vis a vis the houses. The position, movement and angle also produce different interpretations called manifestation, aspect, element, quality and power of influence from a planet. Once all these details have been matched with that of other native, Indian astrology lays down some parameters and their values which must be in proper position with regard to relationships amongst the different planets, birth chart and other charts.

 For natives who value time and work are important, they can obtain an online accurate horoscope matching for desired marriage compatibility. Learning from matching, one might decide for remedies or look for another suitable native as marriage partner. The best results are from date of birth or horoscope chart matching in Indian astrology. This is simpler and to have exact method once native is sure of a suitable partner from marriage compatibility tests or comparison done beforehand.

Marriage compatibility is decided as per Ashtakoot Milan. It is known that as there are more points in guna milap, then there are more chances of success of marriage. Total number of Guna is eight. Each guna stands for different areas of life. The marriage compatibility is decided according to the total number of points obtained in all these gunas which must be greater than 18. The Indian astrology offers great promise for the couples who are hoping to seek marriage compatibility with matching kundlis and numerous remedies from tools and tips.